Festivals with Videopoetry

Biannual festival Zebra in Germany http://www.literaturwerkstatt.org/
VideoBardo In Argentina http://www.videopoesia.com/

(I am having a difficult time finding annual or biannual festivals. Seems most are one-offs and it’s not always easy to find the year on the webpage. A lot of information out there is terribly outdated.)

Ren (Katherine) Powell is a poet, playwright, translator and teaching artist. She is a native Californian living on the west coast of Norway.


  1. And that led to this: http://www.africa-in-motion.org.uk/
    “Africa in Motion (AiM) is an annual African film festival based at Filmhouse Cinema in Edinburgh, Scotland.

    “Africa in Motion 2010 is taking place from 21 October to 5 November.” Not a specifically vidpo festival, but I gather from a comment on their Facebook page that they’re interested in the genre — they’re hoping to screen the Citybreath Project films this year.

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