Here’s a link to Annie Clarkson’s read…

Here’s a link to Annie Clarkson’s reading:

I’ve read her chapbook, Winter Hands, and it’s beautiful. Her video reading interests me because she first talks about her writing in general, as well as the authors who have influenced her. As she reads, she stands next to an antique lamp with tassel fringe, in front of a wall painted deep red. The sound of dishes clinking in the background gives the reading an immediacy. The filming is good, because normally when a reading is recorded the poet stands on a stage in front of a mike.

I doubt I would ever have a chance to hear Annie read live, so this recording is almost as good as hearing her in person.

Christine Swint


  1. Thanks for sharing that, Christine. There are so many poorly filmed poetry readings online, I’ll admit I have almost stopped checking them out. But I need to start featuring more of them on Moving Poems, so I’m glad to see this. (And if I’d realized that a forum would be a great way to find out about new videos to consider for the main site, I would’ve set this up a long time ago!)

    • Gulp, Heinlein is hard on poets! Beau’s good at that animation, wow. So what would Heinlein say about reading poetry aloud in general?

      • I don’t know. Heinlein was more or less a fascist, though, wasn’t he? I guess I’d be worried if he LIKED poetry.

        • His only book I’ve read is Stranger in a Strange Land, which is not at all fascist. Maybe he just didn’t get poetry.

          • Oh, he just read in Atlanta, and I missed it! I live in the suburbs, and it’s hard to get to all the cool events in Atlanta, especially late at night. He even brought his bomb–I saw someone’s picture of it. He painted it a bright red. He’s one of the editors of the Outlaw Bible of American Poetry. His project is a good one, especially because of the wars. Ironic, his first poem is from an MP… .

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