I am so excited that you are doing this….

I am so excited that you are doing this. It seems much more appropriate that this discussion group grow from moving poems (no offense intended to the folks at We Write Poems).

I am new to wordpress, so it will take me a little while to understand it all. But it looks manageable. I think Nic’s series of 10 questions on technology. . .

Did you send David Moolten the link?

(It’s nearly 11 pm now and I am closing down for the night). Back in the am.

Ren (Katherine) Powell is a poet, playwright, translator and teaching artist. She is a native Californian living on the west coast of Norway.


  1. Glad you’re here! I’ll be inviting David and a bunch of other folks, probably tonight. I think what I’ll do is encourage them to register while it’s still easy to do, then in a week or two change the settings so that people have to email and ask to be added before they can post. Otherwise the site will probably get overrun by spammers, and it could be a security risk for all my sites, too.

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