Some thoughts on videopoetry

Made today on the spur of the moment for my Vimeo profile page, but I thought it might be worth sharing here, too. There are so many things I neglected to say, though — such as, where aspiring videopoem makers might find good poems, or the historic role of the avant garde in shaping the genre — that it’s kind of painful for me to watch. I should do something a little longer and better prepared for the About page of Moving Poems.

Dave is the founder of Moving Poems, and posts videos for his own poems (along with lots of other stuff) at Via Negativa. Here's a bio.


  1. Hi Dave!

    Butcher? No. Correct? not quite. (Try Cawn-i-ves)

    I posted a brief summary of videopoetry on my vimeo page you may want to read:

    Love your framing! (really)

    Good work always,


  2. Hi Tom – Glad I was at least close on the pronunciation! Should’ve taken the time to ask, but this was a totally impulse-driven production. I’m also glad to see that you’ve expanded onto Vimeo. It may not get as much traffic that YouTube gets, but it makes up for it with nifty features such as the ability to replace a film without changing the link and a wider latitude in thumbnail selection and creation. And the social aspect — groups and channels — seems to work well, though I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t taken much advantage of that yet. (That would be the best way to reach out to other filmmakers and try to make converts to videopoetry. I’m just a little intimidated by my own lack of expertise and software.)

    Your summary deserves wider circulation. Would you mind if I re-posted it here? I’d link back to your page, too, of course.

    Glad you liked the way I framed the topic. I must admit I like the literal framing, with my head at the bottom and the second thoughts appearing above, like thought ballons in the comics.

  3. Exactly!

    Yes, please post the summary; hopefully it will encourage some responses



  4. Cool. Now I have so much to think about, I am going running!
    I am happy with the term animapoetics for what I was doing last year – but all this has me moving in a much more ambition direction now – gestalt and all :-)

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