The new Liberated Words Poetry Film Festival brochure: way more than just a brochure

The brochure for the second Liberated Words Poetry Film Festival (also available as a PDF download) is worth reading even if (like me) you can’t attend the festival this week in Bristol. At 67 pages, with a paragraph or two about every film to be screened, it’s way more than a brochure; it’s a book! And given the dearth of good written material on multimedia poetry, it should prove to be a very useful document going forward, a kind of snapshot of the current state of videopoetry, filmpoetry and related genres as practiced by a diverse assemblage of filmmakers from around the world, including generous selections from the Visible Verse and Videobardo poetry festivals.

Dave is the founder of Moving Poems, and posts videos for his own poems (along with lots of other stuff) at Via Negativa. Here's a bio.