Update on The Book of Hours project; more collaborators sought

My PhD is now half way through! Last week I passed the half way assessment and I am on course to finish by 2018. There are now nineteen films for The Book of Hours and my target is 48 films in total.

Four new ones were uploaded this week, made by Janet Lees, Carolyn Richardson, Maciej Piatek and Claire Ewbank. Please have a look at the site and see how it is progressing! I am now experimenting with voices other than mine and innovative approaches. Janet’s film used a ‘mix’ of five of my poems from the Poetry Storehouse.

Loki continues to develop the site and its final appearance will be more elaborate. For now we are gaining content and making sure the films play smoothly.

Seven more are in production, to be made by Shane Vaughan, Katia Visconglesi, Lori Ersolmaz, David Richardson, Eduardo Yague, Sarah Tremlett and Kathryn Darnell. Hopefully these will be finished by the end of year.

So far ‘Postcard From my Future Self’ was screened at Visible Verse. ‘Shop’ was selected for Lisbon. ‘Aubade’ is due to be screened in Athens and ‘What is Love’ was voted poetry film of the month!!!! I am delighted that these films are finding new audiences!!! Sarah Tremlett is going to interview me for her forthcoming book on poetry film and I will discuss the challenges of creating such a large curated collection.

I am looking for more collaborators to make more films and I would also like to hear about other curated collections of more than twenty films.

Lucy English is a poet and novelist, co-creator of the Bristol-based poetry film festival Liberated Words, and a Reader in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University. See her website for a full biography and more.