Ó Bhéal and Rabbit Heart festivals release shortlists

Cork, Ireland’s Ó Bhéal Poetry Film Festival yesterday released an illustrated, annotated program for their 2018 screenings, which are scheduled for 3:00 and 5:00 PM on Sunday, October 14. As in past years, the inclusion of descriptions for each film makes the list a useful resource even for those of us not able to attend the festival. View it here.

They join the Worcester, Massachusetts-based Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival, which released its own, longer (but unannotated) shortlists earlier in the week for their screenings on October 20. In contrast to Ó Bhéal, which will pick just one winner, RHPFF has seven competition categories plus Curator’s Choice and Showcase Features. Here’s the link.

It was good to see a mixture of new and familiar names on both festivals’ lists. (A third poetry film festival scheduled for October, Juteback, appears not to have released a program yet.) I look forward to catching up with many of these films when they appear on the web, and of course sharing my pick of the best at Moving Poems.

Dave is the founder of Moving Poems, and posts videos for his own poems (along with lots of other stuff) at Via Negativa. Here's a bio.