Dodge Poetry Festival 2016: A poetry-film maker’s reflections

Martin Farewell, Director of the Dodge Poetry Program asks audience to give a hand to ten poets and two musical groups at Poetry like Bread: Poems of Social and Political Consciousness.

Through the years I had always been curious about the Dodge Poetry Festival. The closest I got to it was while living in Hunterdon County, New Jersey when it was held in quaint Waterloo Village in Stanhope. But for one reason or another I never went. Finally, this year, on the 30th anniversary of the festival, I didn’t have to think twice about getting a four-day pass to the event. Continue Reading

Big Bridges: The smoke, the cars and clouds, the quiet, the river

Fourteen Poems From the Bridge screenshot

The Big Bridges exhibition takes on an ambitious and difficult conversation that should be in the forefront of our local and national concerns. I decided the project should begin with my journey to the bridges and then match a winning poem with what I observed and documented. Continue Reading