Zebra Poetry Film Festival Münster 2016: a view from the jury

view of a theater lit up at night

A few things I’d like to say about our goals as jury: We congratulate all the filmmakers, artists and poets who were chosen by the selection committee. We saw some fantastic films and wonderful creations this year, and were proud to play a part in the international competitions. We as ‘the jury’ wanted to make a statement. We believe that more films should have been awarded a prize. Not because it was too difficult to pick the four winners, no — that was fairly easy. We believe that more artists deserve a prize, and would prefer the budget for prizes to be split up to go to more ‘winners.’ Continue Reading

Dodge Poetry Festival 2016: A poetry-film maker’s reflections

Martin Farewell, Director of the Dodge Poetry Program asks audience to give a hand to ten poets and two musical groups at Poetry like Bread: Poems of Social and Political Consciousness.

Through the years I had always been curious about the Dodge Poetry Festival. The closest I got to it was while living in Hunterdon County, New Jersey when it was held in quaint Waterloo Village in Stanhope. But for one reason or another I never went. Finally, this year, on the 30th anniversary of the festival, I didn’t have to think twice about getting a four-day pass to the event. Continue Reading

Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival 2016 wrap-up, A.K.A. the show must go on — and it did!

audience watching screen under crepe paper streamers

On Friday night there was a flash flood that took out big parts of our city, turning roads into canals and washing away cars. Our beautiful venue on Millbury Street, Nick’s, was soaked through to the bone and lost power overnight, draining their auxiliary lighting and leaving the bar in the dark the next day, luxe velvet curtains and all. But then the power came back on right before six! And then, as our setup crew was celebrating the lights being on, there was an explosion (I am not kidding – a big BOOM and smoke and smell and panic) down the block and, unsurprisingly, the power went back off. Continue Reading

“Dictionary Illustrations” by Marie Craven wins 4th Ó Bhéal Poetry-Film Competition

The 2016 Ó Bhéal judges, poet Kathy D’Arcy and filmmaker Rossa Mullin, have chosen a winner: Dictionary Illustrations, an adaptation of a poem by Sarah J. Sloat from the multi-talented Australian artist and musician Marie Craven. Continue Reading

“Digitized Figures” installation combining video, text and live dance reaches funding goal, debuts in two weeks

If you can get to Brooklyn on October 14th, 15th, 16th, 21st, 22nd, or 23rd, the Digitized Figures performance and installation at the Gowanus Loft sounds like an event not to be missed. Continue Reading