Great introduction to film poetry… on the radio

I just listened to an excellent, 45-minute program on BBC Radio 3 called “Crossing the Border – Poetry and Film.” Though understandably UK-centric, its survey of the history of poetry films and film poetry gave due credit to early Soviet filmmakers and other international influences, and talked about the earlier conception of film poetry and a non-linear sort of silent film in some detail. Continue Reading

Upcoming poetry-film screenings and festivals

Les Printemps des Poetes

Spring is almost upon us in the northern hemisphere, and with it a flurry of poetry-film screenings and festivals in Germany, France, Spain, the USA, and Scotland. Continue Reading

Submissions are open for Filmpoem Festival Fifteen

Filmpoem Festival 15

Filmpoem Festival Fifteen will be an open-ended series of events and screenings. After our successful Antwerp festival in 2014, we are working within the British Isles this year with The Poetry Society and a series of universities and poetry festivals, presenting Filmpoem’s established mix of poetry-film, live film performance, poets, filmmakers, and discussions. Continue Reading

Review of Filmpoem 2014, Antwerp in Huffington Post blog

Poet and filmmaker Robert Peake has posted a handy summary of last weekend’s Filmpoem 2014 Festival—part of the Felix Poetry Festival in Antwerp—by way of sharing the seven videos that constituted the first part of the program: “An Introduction to the Film-Poem.” Continue Reading

ReVersed Poetry Film Festival 2014 set for first weekend in April

Working at break-neck speed, the organizers of the brand-new ReVersed Poetry Film Festival slated for April 4-6 in Amsterdam have scheduled a full program of screenings and events — it looks great. They even found time to make the above… Continue Reading