Call for submissions: 5th International Video Poetry Festival in Athens

The yearly International Video Poetry Festival 2016 will be held for the fifth time in Greece in Athens. Approximately 2500 people attended the festival last year. There will be two different zones of the festival. The first zone will include video poems, visual poems, short film poems and cinematic poetry by artists from all over the world (America, Asia, Europe, Africa). The second zone will include cross-platform collaborations of sound producers and music groups with poets and visual artists in live improvisations. Continue Reading

Upcoming videopoetry and poetry film festivals

Book your tickets! The annual autumn parade of poetry film festivals is about to begin. Some calls are still open: for the Vienna, Ó Bhéal and CYCLOP festivals (see below), and for the as-yet-unscheduled 5th Sadho Poetry Film Fest (deadline:… Continue Reading

Call for Submissions: 4th International Video Poetry/Film Poetry Festival in Athens

The +Institute [for Experimental Arts] and Void Network have just issued a call for the 4th International Video Poetry Festival 2015, linking to guidelines which refer to it as the International Film Poetry Festival. Regardless of which name you use, the deadline for submissions is November 20, and this will be their fourth year of putting on an event which stands out from the crowd of international videopoetry/poetry film festivals for its street-wise style and anarchist philosophy. Continue Reading

News roundup: 6 poetry film festivals still upcoming in 2014; Poetryfilmkanal; ZEBRA’s new channels

Reminders about upcoming festivals, and some very promising new web resources. Continue Reading

The 2nd annual International Film Poetry Festival will take place in Athens in November 2013

The +Institute [for Experimental Arts] and Void Network organize the International Film Poetry Festival that will take place in Athens in November 2013. The yearly International Film Poetry Festival will be held for a second time in Greece. Approximately 1000… Continue Reading