Composer and video artist Kathy McTavish profiled in American Composers Forum

Kathy McTavish is well-known in videopoetry circles for her innovative poetry films and her cello compositions, which have been featured in soundtracks by other video artists, most notably Swoon. The American Composers Forum, which awarded McTavish a Jerome Fund for New Music (JFund) grant in 2013, has just posted a profile of her and her latest multimedia project at their website. Continue Reading

Todd Boss’ “Arrivals and Departures,” The Poetry Storehouse, and “12 Moons” featured at Connotation Press

Erica Goss’ monthly column on videopoetry at Connotation Press, The Third Form, focuses this month on “three video poetry projects … that demonstrate how talent, collaboration and the DIY spirit continue to expand this art form.” Continue Reading

Erica Goss looks at poetry filmmakers under forty and “12 Moons”

Erica Goss’s latest “Third Form” column at Connotation Press takes a look at “Three Video Poems from Artists Under Forty,” interviewing Jack Wake-Walker, Annie Ferguson and Jesse Russell Brooks about how they’ve approached their respective projects. Goss is directly involved… Continue Reading